Fabrication of exchange coupled hard/soft magneticnanocomposites: Correlation between composition, magnetic, optical and microwave properties

Slimani, Y. (Corresponding author); Algarou, N. A.; Almessiere, M. A. (Corresponding author); Sadaqat, A.; Vakhitov, M. G.; Klygach, D. S.; Tishkevich, D. I.; Trukhanov, A. V. (Corresponding author); Güner, Sadik; Hakeem, A. S.; Auwal, I. A.; Baykal, A.; Manikandan, A.; Ercan, I.

Riyadh : Saudi Chemical Soc. (2021)

In: Arabian journal of chemistry
Band: 14
Heft: 3
Seite(n)/Artikel-Nr.: 102992