A cyclist in front of the SuperC

Cycling is energy efficient, environmentally friendly, affordable, promotes good health, and eases traffic congestion. A bike is a particularly suitable form of transportation for distances up to five kilometers, not to mention often the quickest.

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AVV Job Ticket

Busstop sign

RWTH Aachen has offered its employees the AVV Job Ticket since 2011. AVV Job Tickets are discounted transit passes for employees at a firm or institution.

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Semester Ticket

eTicket in a hand

RWTH Aachen offers its students a Semester Ticket. This allows all students at the university to use the bus and rail system throughout NRW as often as they like.

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RWTH parking garage

RWTH Aachen introduced parking management in 2011. This means that anyone who wishes to park in a University parking lot or garage must have a parking permit. Photo: Martin Braun

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Carsharing and Park & Ride

Carsharing, and park and ride parking spaces are additional offers that help to make driving in private vehicles environmentally and cost friendly.

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