Graduates of Bachelor of Science Chemistry program at RWTH Aachen University has to apply for Master of Science Chemistry program too.

Application procedure and enrollement for chemistry programs


Enrollment or Application?

Before you enroll, however, you must always apply for your desired courses of study through RWTHonline during the application period. The application is followed by admission and the next step is your enrollment, which you do yourself. By enrolling you get a study placement at RWTH, that is you become a member of the university.

In the courses of study with open admission, that is those with sufficient study placements, you will generally receive your letter of admission directly after applying, thus enabling you to enroll during the enrollment period at RWTH. You then only have to make sure to enter any necessary remaining information and proceed with the subsequent steps for enrollment. Please note you must have already uploaded all your documents when entering the remaining details in order to complete enrollment. The application view in your account displays the documents that are needed in your case.

Bachelor's degree program in Chemistry

For the winter semester 2023/2024 there are no admission restrictions (NC free) for the Bachelor's degree program in Chemistry at RWTH Aachen University.

Bachelor's degree program in Chemistry, Gymnasium and Gesamtschule or Vocational School Teacher

There are no admission restrictions (NC free) for the Bachelor's program in Chemistry, Gymnasium or Vocational School Teacher. However, since two courses of study have to be chosen, the second course of study may have an admission restriction (NC). Therefore, it depends on the choice of the second course of study whether prospective students have to apply online by the application deadline or whether they apply online within the application deadline.

Master's program in Chemistry and Master's program in Teaching Chemistry

There are no admission restrictions (NC free) for all Master's programs in Chemistry. Nevertheless, all prospective students must apply to the RWTH Aachen University, as proof of previous professional education must be provided.

Graduates of the RWTH Bachelor's programs in Chemistry must also apply for the Master's programs in Chemistry.