Application procedure and enrollement for chemistry programs



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Bachelor's degree programme in Chemistry

The Bachelor's degree programme in Chemistry at RWTH Aachen University is admission-restricted (NC) up to and including the second semester and an application is therefore compulsory.
From the third semester onwards, the programme is open for admission and enrolment can take place during the RWTH's enrolment period.

Chemistry B.Sc., Gymnasium and Gesamtschule Teacher

There are no admission restrictions (NC free) for the Bachelor's programme in Chemistry, Gymnasium and Gesamtschule Teacher. Prospective students apply online and receive a letter of admission directly afterwards, which can be used for enrolment during the enrolment period of the RWTH.

Master's programme in Chemistry and Master's programme in Teaching Chemistry

There are no admission restrictions (NC free) for either of the RWTH's Master's programmes in Chemistry. Nevertheless, all prospective students must apply to the RWTH, as proof of previous professional education must be provided.

Graduates of the RWTH Bachelor's programme in Chemistry must also apply for the Master's programme in Chemistry.


Application and enrolment procedure

Application for the Bachelor's degree programme

The application process for all restricted single degree programmes at RWTH Aachen University is carried out via the Dialogue-Oriented Service Procedure (DoSV) of the Foundation for University Admission (Stiftung für Hochschulzulassung).

For a successful application by EU nationals, different deadlines must be met, depending on the nationality of the prospective student.

International applicants must also submit additional documents, but can also apply online. Applications are processed by the International Office. You can find more information here.

Application for the Master's programme

For the application for a Master's programme of EU nationals, binding deadlines also apply and a Master's entrance qualification must be available. The application is made in RWTHonline. Further information can be found here.

International applicants can submit the required documents online and the application will be processed by the International Office. You can find more detailed information about the application here.


After receipt of the admission letter, the enrolment can be carried out. Please note the differences between enrolment for the Bachelor's degree and enrolment for the Master's degree.