Important Terms


List of important terms

Bafög (Funding according to the German Education and Training Assistance Act)

The German Education and Training Assistance Act (BAföG) regulates the financial support of students by the state. The support is dependent on the parents', and potentially a spouse's, income, as well as the available private assets. General information can be found at the  Office of Educational Support of the Studierendenwerk.

The maximum duration of support corresponds to the standard period of study for the degree program. After the 4th semester, a proof for the study goals being achieved is required each semester. For this purpose, form 5, which is filled out by the Central Examination Office , must be submitted to the BAföG Office as proof of suitability.

The chemistry examination board has determined that 80 credit points must be achieved by the end of the 4th semester in order to obtain the proof of suitability.
In the bachelor's program in chemistry, 80 CP can be achieved if the modules ALG1, ALG2, MAT, PHYS, WAHL, CBP, MMS and ASP have been successfully completed. In the bachelor of education program in chemistry, a total of 80 CP from the subject chemistry, the second subject and the educational sciences must have been achieved in total.

Literature research

During the course of studies, the research of subject-related literature for the preparation of term papers, protocols, internship reports and finally the final theses is an important core competence of the students.

The first stop for specialized literature in chemistry is the chemistry department library with its non-circulation collection. In addition to classic textbooks and reference books, the journal holdings of the chemistry library are also very extensive.

For the preparation for exams, courses and internships, a look into the textbook collection of RWTH University is suggested. There you can borrow a number textbooks for the most important subjects in the field of chemistry.

For all further literature research, the RWTH University library is the right address. In the numerous online catalogs, which are accessible on the website, one can quickly search for current publications. Books can also be ordered for collection via the user account. The offer also includes numerous courses on literature research.

Module manual

The module manuals are now integrated into RWTHonline, the links are summarized in the following article.

Module Manual

Module catalog

Until the winter semester 2019/2020, the module catalogs formed the legal basis for the modules of a study program. These were replaced by the module manuals in the summer semester 2020, as they are more clearly arranged.

The links for the current and past module manuals are stored under the respective entry.

The module catalogs can be found in the archive of official announcements.

Supplementary oral exam

If students have taken a written examination three times without passing it, and there has been no attempt to cheat, they have the opportunity to take a supplementary oral examination. These supplementary examinations are intended for all Bachelor and Master students according to the general examination regulations.

Since this is not a repeat examination but, a supplementary one, students have the opportunity to complete the second failed repeat examination with a grade of 4.0. A better grade cannot be achieved. A supplementary oral exam must be completed within four weeks of the exam script review.

The supplementary oral examination will only be held upon application by the student immediately after the announcement of the examination results, at the latest on the date of the exam script review.

Further information can be found at the Central Examination Office.

Practical course regulations

The regulations for all chemistry practical courses are listed in a table on the following page. The currently valid version is stored there.

Practical Cource Regulations

Examination regulations

The examination regulations of the chemistry study programs, as well as the overarching examination regulations, are listed on the following page.

Examination Regulations

Semester dates

All generally valid dates, such as the beginning and end of the semester or lecture period, lecture-free holidays and deadlines can be found in the RWTH-wide list of semester dates.

Semester Dates