Bachelor' program in Chemistry examination regulations 2010

  Schematic representation of the B. Sc. course Chemistry   Two young chemists investigate gold-nanoclusters Copyright: © Foto: Peter Winandy

The Bachelor of Science program in chemistry is only offered in German. It spans six semesters and provides students with basic knowledge in the chemical disciplines, as well as solid base knowledge in mathematics and physics. The course is complemented by freely selectable extra-curricular modules in which, for example, foreign language and computer skills, knowledge of economic and legal matters or presentation experience can be acquired.

In the first two semesters the modules "General Chemistry 1 and 2" teach basic principles in theory and practice of the three fundamental subjects of inorganic, organic and physical chemistry. In parallel, students acquire knowledge in mathematics and physics.

The following four semesters are dedicated to the more in-depth study of the fundamental subjects and, in accordance with the profile of a technical university, to technical chemistry and macromolecular chemistry. In each subject the practical proficiency of chemical working techniques plays an important role.

The bachelor's program is completed in the sixth semester with the bachelor's thesis. It can be completed in the three basic subjects, in technical or in macromolecular Chemistry.

Information on courses in the bachelor's program in chemistry can be found in the RWTHonline.


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