3rd semester


The third semester draws on the courses and modules of the first and second semesters. The courses of the modules "Inorganic Chemistry A" (ACA), "Organic Chemistry A" (OCA) and "Physical Chemistry A" (PCA) convey the advanced principles of chemistry in theory. In the courses of the module "Technical and Macromolecular Chemistry A" (TMCA), the basics of chemical engineering and macromolecular chemistry are taught in theory and practice.

In the modules "Chemistry in Professional Practice" (CBP) and "Mathematical Methods and Symmetry (in Chemistry)" (MMS) further basic knowledge is imparted, which is essential for the study of chemistry.

The PHYS module is continued in the third semester with a lab course. Participation in the course is possible regardless of passing the exam at the end of the second semester.

The semester is concluded with exams in the OCA, TMCA and MMS modules.