6th semester


In the 6th semester of the teacher training course Bachelor of Chemistry, the modules Structure and Materials (STR/MAT) and Didactics of Chemistry (CHFD) are attended. In addition, the Bachelor thesis is written

The modules Structure and Materials and Didactics of Chemistry are studied over two semesters.

In the module Structure and Materials a lecture and an exercise in Inorganic Chemistry is attended in the sixth semester, and the Advanced Practical Course in Physical Chemistry is completed. In order to be allowed to write the exam at the end of the semester, the module AC must be passed successfully. The practical coursmay only be attended if the exam for the course PCB has been passed successfully. In the lecture and exercise in Inorganic Chemistry, students acquire knowledge about occurrence, representation, reactivity and technological significance of the elements and their important compounds. Furthermore, they acquire knowledge about binding, symmetry and structure of solid phases as well as the thermochemical, electrical and magnetic properties correlated with them. In the physicochemical advanced practical course, students deepen their knowledge in scientific apparatus experiments with experiments on structure and materials. They document their results scientifically and evaluate them.

In the module specialized didactics of chemistry in the sixth semester, an exercise in lecturing and experimenting is offered. In order to be allowed to attend the course, the exam for the lecture "Fachdidaktik: Chemische Fachdidaktik" in the fifth semester must be passed successfully. In the exercise, students learn how to plan, carry out and present selected school experiments from the field of secondary level I. The exercise is passed with successful completion of an experimental lecture.

The bachelor thesis can be written in the subject chemistry or in another subject. If the bachelor thesis is written in chemistry, the modules ALG, AC, OC, PCA and PCB must be successfully completed. In addition, at least 50 credit points must be achieved to start the bachelor thesis. The bachelor thesis can be written in any of the chemical subjects, whereby the treatment of a chemical problem must be carried out according to scientific methods.