5th semester


In the 5th semester of the Bachelor of Chemistry teaching program, the modules Synthesis and Catalysis (SYN/KAT), Structure and Materials (STR/MAT) and Didactics in Chemistry (FDCHBA) are attended.

The modules are all studied over two semesters. Please note that the module Synthesis and Catalysis is studied in the fourth and fifth semester and the modules Structure and Materials and Didactics in Chemistry are studied in the fifth and sixth semester.

The Synthesis and Catalysis module comprises a lecture and tutorial in Organic Chemistry and a practical course in Engineering and Macromolecular Chemistry in the fifth semester. To be able to complete the module, the module OC and the module ALG must have been passed. In the lecture and the practical course the students should gain a basic understanding of the reactivity of organic compounds and of mechanistic principles of organic reactions. In the Organic-Chemical Advanced Practical Course, students should learn how to plan, conduct, analyze and model organic-chemical experiments and gain experience in the synthesis of organic molecules and their characteristic analytical methods. The module is concluded by a partial exam on the lecture and exercise in organic chemistry.

In the module Structure and Materials, the Advanced Inorganic-Chemical Practical Course is conducted in the fifth semester. This practical course takes place during the lecture-free period. To complete the practical course, the module AC must be successfully completed. In the Inorganic-Chemical Advanced Practical Course students acquire knowledge of preparative and analytical methods (X-ray diffraction, magnetochemistry, UV, NMR and IR spectroscopy) of advanced inorganic chemistry.

In the module subject didactics chemistry, a lecture subject didactics chemistry is held in the fifth semester. To attend the lecture the module ALG must be successfully completed. In the lecture specialized didactics of chemistry the basics of specialized didactics are explained and a first insight into the topic of specialized didactics is given. The module concludes with an exam on the contents of the lecture.