3rd semester


In the third semester of the Bachelor of Chemistry teaching program, the modules Inorganic Chemistry (AC), Organic Chemistry (OC) and Physical Chemistry B (PCB) are attended.

In the module Inorganic Chemistry, the theoretical knowledge of the elements of the periodic table is deepened in the lecture "Inorganic Chemistry: Chemistry of Metals and Non-Metals" (2SWS) and the corresponding exercise (1SWS). The module AC ends with a module exam.

In the module Organic Chemistry, the practical side of organic chemistry is taught in the 3rd semester. In the basic organic chemistry lab course (6SWS), techniques of preparative organic chemistry such as distillation, sublimation, crystallization etc., as well as simple reaction setups and the execution of simple reactions are practiced. The practical course may only be carried out if the module exam on Organic Chemistry has been passed.

The module Physical Chemistry B is studied in the third and fourth semester. In the third semester, the lecture Physical Chemistry 1 (2SWS) and the corresponding exercise (1SWS) impart knowledge in the fields 'Structure of Matter' and 'Spectroscopy'. Students acquire basic knowledge of quantum mechanics and learn about the spectroscopic methods of chemistry, the atomic structure and the different forms of chemical bonds. At the end of the 3rd semester, there is no exam in the module Physical Chemistry B.