2nd semester


In the second semester of the teaching bachelor's degree programs in chemistry, the modules Inorganic Chemistry (AC); Organic Chemistry (OC) and Physical Chemistry A (PCA) are attended.

The module Inorganic Chemistry is studied in the 2nd and 3rd semester. In the second semester, the Inorganic Chemistry practical course (4 SWS) is completed. In order to participate, the module ALG must be successfully completed. This takes place during the lecture-free period and is divided into two parts. In the first half of the practical course, qualitative proofs are carried out by the students and they learn to work accurately to the milligram. In the second half of the lab course the students have to complete a quantitative internship in which separation courses and individual proofs are learned. At the end, an oral exam on the topics of the practical course is held.

The module Organic Chemistry is also studied over two semesters. In the 2nd semester, the Organic Chemistry lecture (4 SWS) touches on the theory of organic chemistry from scratch up to the first name reactions, so that the students get a good insight into organic chemistry. The lecture Organic Chemistry concludes with a written exam, which is a prerequisite for the basic practical course in Organic Chemistry (6 SWS) in the 3rd semester.

In the module Physical Chemistry A "Introduction to Physical Chemistry and Chemical Calculation" basic knowledge in physical chemistry and chemical calculation is taught in a lecture (2 SWS) and an exercise (1 SWS). The module Physical Chemistry A concludes with a module exam.

Notes on educational science studies in the 2nd semester

The courses of the educational science part of the program, which take place on Wednesdays, must be attended in the 1st semester, since there is an overlap with the lecture Organic Chemistry in the 2nd semester.

Notes on the subject combination chemistry/biology in the 2nd semester

Students with the subject combination chemistry/biology additionally take the module mathematics, physics, biochemistry. This module replaces the chemistry module in biology. Students with the subject combination Chemistry/Biology attend the course Physics for Biologists and Biotechnologists in the 2nd semester.