1st semester


In the first semester of the teaching bachelor's degree programs in chemistry, the fundamental principles of chemistry are taught in theory and practice.

The module General Chemistry (ALG) teaches the theory of general and inorganic chemistry in one lecture (4 SWS) and one exercise (2 SWS).

In addition, the theory learned in lectures and exercises is put into practice in the associated introductory inorganic chemistry lab course (4 SWS). The important technical skills for working in the laboratory are also taught. On the one hand, the practical experiments take up on the theory of the first semester, and on the other hand are based on school experiments. The theory behind the experiments is taught in a seminar (1 SWS).

The ALG module concludes with a module exam, in which the theory from the lecture and exercise is covered.

The successful completion of the module ALG is the prerequisite for the inorganic-chemical practical course in the 2nd semester.

Notes on the educational science studies in the 1st semester

The courses of the educational science part of the program, which take place on Wednesdays, must be attended in the 1st semester, since there is an overlap with the lecture Organic Chemistry in the 2nd semester.

Notes on the subject combination chemistry/biology in the 1st semester

Students with the subject combination chemistry/biology additionally take the module mathematics, physics, biochemistry. This module replaces the chemistry module in biology. Students with the subject combination Chemistry/Biology attend the Mathematics for Biologists and Biotechnologists module in the 1st semester.