Change of examination regulations


On this page you will find information on the change of examination regulations of the Bachelor’s program in Chemistry.

If you are thinking about changing the examination regulations, we recommend a consultation with Mr. Klöss. Simply come to the open digital consultation hours.

We recommend the change of the examination regulations currently (August 2023) for students who still lack achievements from the first three semesters (especially if the TMCA module is missing).

IMPORTANT: The application form for the change of examination regulations you can find now in the Download-Center!


Bachelor's program in Chemistry 2021 - Change of examination regulations

Voluntary change

A voluntary change of the examination regulations is possible (§16 (3) of the new examination regulations). The application must be submitted within certain deadlines:

  • by August, 21th for a change to the winter semester
  • by February, 21th for a change to the summer semester.

After a change to the new examination regulations, a change back to the old examination regulations is excluded!

Theapplicationformforthechangeofexaminationregulationsyou canfind in the Download-Center.

Compulsory change

The new examination regulations 2021 set a transitional period for the old examination regulations (§16 (3)):

"Students who have enrolled in the Bachelor’s program in Chemistry be fore the winter semester 2021/2022 ... may study at the latest until the winter semester 2024/2025 according to the examination regulations of October, 26th 2010 in the current version. After the end of the winter semester 2024/2025, a change to the new examination regulations is mandatory."

Which academic achievements will be recognized by a change of examination regulations?

Most of the achievements in the old examination regulations are automatically recognized in accordance with the equivalence list of the new examination regulations when you change. The recognitions are presented in detail in the presentation on the page "Comparsion of examination regulations".


  • The module Student Exercise Supervision and the seminar Modern Methods: Physical Chemistry are omitted from PO 2021 and can only be recognised as "Additional Examinations".
  • There is no recognizable module for the module Statistical Thermodynamics of PO 2021 in PO 2010.
  • If you have completed more "Elective Courses" than you need, please indicate in the application form which ones are to be recognized for the."Elective Courses". The other modules can be recognized as "Additional Examinations".

According to § 8 of the Comprehensive Examination Regulations, "Additional Examinations" are “incorporated with their results into the certificate as an additional performance, but are not included in the determination of the overall grade.”

The assignment of "Mandatory elective Courses" and "Elective Courses" as well as the "Additional Examinations" specified by you in the application form may be determined retrospectively in accordance with § 8: "The declaration must be submitted in writing or electronically to the ZPA within one week of the announcement of the final examination result of the respective degree program."