Modul Wahlbereich (WAHL)



Iris Oppel


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The elective module is dedicated to "soft skills" or "key qualifications". The soft skills are interdisciplinary qualifications in contrast to the technical qualifications of the chemical modules.


Soft skills include languages (including a computer language) and lectures from the field of economics. You can also select courses from the natural sciences and engineering sciences for the Election module if you do not have to take these courses as compulsory subsidiary subjects anyway. In case of doubt, you should ask the examination board Chemistry whether you can choose the course in question.
Courses that you could take for the WAHL module can be found for example in RWTHonline.


See procedure.

Test performance

In this module you have to acquire 4 credit points (4 CP). In order to obtain a credit certificate, you must complete the examination performance scheduled in the course. This can be an exam, term paper, presentation... It should be noted that the number of credit points awarded in the course varies. A two-hour lecture with one-hour practice and exam corresponds to a total of 4 credit points, in a language course 1 credit point per SWS is calculated.


The 2nd semester is a suitable time to take the module WAHL. However, you are free to take the course in another semester or during the lecture-free period. Two smaller courses with fewer credit points, such as one in the 2nd and one in the 3rd semester, are also possible. However, you should decide which soft skills you want to take and when in your 2nd semester at the latest. Under no circumstances should you postpone your decision until a high semester.


In view of the large number of potential courses, a central organization of soft skills is out of the question. You are responsible to ensure

  • that the course is neither compulsory nor optional in a chemistry course
  • whether and in what form a registration is required
  • that you are attending an event that does not significantly conflict with your timetable
  • that you will be admitted by the organizer (especially in the case of subjects with restricted admission)

In case of doubt, you should ask the responsible lecturer of the soft skills course you are interested in about participation and admission requirements. However, it is of course sufficient if only one person obtains the information for events that are suitable for several chemistry students.