Examination Regulations of the chemical courses


Supplementary provisions to the exam regulations during the Corona crisis


For each degree program, the Faculty Council issues its own examination regulations, in which all rules concerning the study program are recorded. In addition, there are three General Examination Regulations, one for the Bachelor of Education and Master of Education degree programs each, and one for all other Bachelor's and Master's degree programs. The General Examination Regulations govern generic matters, which then regulate the overall conditions for exams, forms of examination, final theses and other important components of each study program.

For students, the examination regulations are the best source of information about their study program and should be consulted first if anything is unclear. The current examination regulations are available via the following links for the study programs in chemistry. In some cases, only the amendment regulations have been published, so you will need to read them in addition to the complete version.

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

Bachelor of Education with the Subject Chemistry

Master of Science in Chemistry

Master of Education with the Subject Chemistry