Mentoring Chemistry


Mentoring Chemistry helps you achieve your aspirations and goals by providing personal and confidential guidance throughout your studies.

The focus is on topics such as:

  • individual study planning
  • stays abroad
  • external internships (e.g. industrial and international internships)
  • scholarship consulting
  • career planning
  • study doubts
  • time management and learning strategies

Everyone is invited to come by for a counseling session. If necessary, you are welcome to come several times or for a longer conversation. Please feel free to make an appointment or use the open office hours.


You will also find important information in the Moodle course room of Mentoring Chemistry. You can enroll in this course room on your own and are then enrolled for the duration of 26 weeks. At the end of the 26 weeks, you will automatically be logged out of the course room, but you can re-enroll at any time. In addition to information on stays abroad and research internships, other content that might be of interest to you or should support you in your studies is also presented here.