Hoppe Alvarez, Laura; Schog, Simon; Siemes, Eric; Lenßen, Pia; Strauch, Martin; Merhof, Dorit; Wöll, Dominik (Corresponding author)



µBerry is a mathematica-based tool which allows for high quality visualization of 3D data e.g. from super resolved fluorescence microscopy. We offer the possibility to include a fourth dimension (e.g. labeling density) as a color information. The program provides an environment to visualize 3D images in different plots and videos, providing functions like rotating the object, building up the object, walking slices through the objects and much more. We furthermore provide a user interface that is easy to use, also for people who are no experts in visualization techniques. Although there is no need to have any knowledge of mathematica or wolfram, in order to run the program, mathematica has to be installed.