Day of Chemistry 2019 and Graduation Ceremony 2019


On January 18, 2019, the Department of Chemistry at RWTH Aachen University hosted the annual Day of Chemistry, which was organized by the Institute of Technical and Macromolecular Chemistry this year. In several short lectures by PhD students, highlights of Aachen's chemistry research were presented. Additionally, the sponsors Procter & Gamble, Magritek, MEAB and Saint-Gobain presented various companies and career paths in industry. This was followed by the keynote speech of Prof. De Souza and the presentation of the final certificates and prizes.

Prof. Roger de Souza received the students' prize for excellent teaching and supervision.

The GDCh's local committee of Aachen awarded the Chemistry Prize as a one-year free membership award for the best bachelor degrees to Thorben Böger, Alexander Bonkowski, Henrik J. Heelweg, Janik Lammertz, Robert A. Rauschen, Vladimir Terzi and Simon Wehden.

In addition, Henrik J. Heelweg, Robert A. Rauschen and Simon Wehden received the Schöneborn Prize of the proRWTH sponsoring association, which was presented by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ernst Schmachtenberg in his role as chairman.

David A. Kuss was awarded the Procter & Gamble Prize as the best graduate of the master's degree program in chemistry in standard period of study.

Lucia C. Frohn, Nico J. Linnartz, Kelly Tran, Florian J. Bartsch, Gereon Feldmann, Iryna Yevlakhovych, Krisína Rabatinová and Tim Schramm received the Mentoring Prize for their achievements as tutors in the General Chemistry module.

The closing words were delivered by the organizer of the event, Prof. Wolfgang Stahl, who also invited to a get-together afterwards.


Pictures of the Graduation Ceremony



Time Lecture Hall Agenda


AOC Welcoming by Prof. Liauw
10:15-12:15 AOC

Highlights of Aachen Chemistry

  • CAT - Catalysis
  • COS - Computational Chemistry and Spectroscopy
  • MES - Materials and Mesoscopic Systems
  • SYN - Bioactive Compounds and Synthetic Methods
12:15-13:15 Break
13:15-13:30 AOC Welcoming by Prof. Herrmann (Head of Department)
13:30-15:30 AOC

Reports from the industry and abroad

  • Graduation, now what? Opportunities and careers
  • The chemical industry introduces itself - presentations of the sponsors
  • Chemistry - a versatile course of study
15:30-16:00 IAC Coffee Break

Graduation Ceremony

Time Lecture Hall Agenda


AOC Welcoming
16:00-17:00 AOC

Keynote speech

Prof. Dr. Roger De Souza
Institute of Physical Chemistry, RWTH Aachen University

17:00-17:45 AOC

Honors of the graduates

  • Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Education
  • Master of Science und Master of Education
  • Doctorate
17:45-18:15 AOC

Award ceremony

  • Students' Prize
  • Mentoring Prize
  • Chemistry Prize
  • Schöneborn Prize
  • Procter & Gamble Prize
18:15 AOC Closing words by Prof. Blümich
18:15-19:00 IAC Festive reception in the foyer of the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry

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